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16 mar FBI Nabs Russian Mob that Hacked Casino Slots and Stole Five Tons of Chocolate

FBI Nabs Russian Mob that Hacked Casino Slots and Stole Five Tons of Chocolate

A gang of sweet-toothed, casino slot-machine-hacking Russian mobsters was busted by the FBI in New York on Wednesday, its people charged with running a sprawling criminal activity empire.

The Russian criminal gang arrested in New York was behind a 'dizzying array of criminal schemes' including the theft and trafficking greater than five tons of chocolate.

As well as casino fraud, the outfit allegedly engaged in racketeering, narcotics, firearms offenses and murder-for-hire, along with the theft and trafficking of over five tons of illegal chocolate into america, according to the indictment.

Thirty-three alleged members of the so-called 'Shulaya Enterprise' are now actually under arrest, included in a joint investigation between the FBI, Customs and Border Protection, while the New York Police Department. Almost all were detained in the Brooklyn area.

'The dizzying array of unlawful schemes committed by this crime that is organized allegedly add a murder-for-hire conspiracy, a plot to rob victims by seducing and drugging them with chloroform, the theft of cargo shipments containing over 10,000 pounds of chocolate, and a fraud on casino slots using electronic hacking devices,' said Acting Manhattan US Attorney Joon Kim.

Illegal Poker Den

In line with the indictment, Razhden Shulaya, 40, of New Jersey, and Zurab Dzhanashvili, 37, of Brooklyn, the alleged ringleaders associated with the operation, w

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16 mar Makalah Koperasi

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